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Words, images & sounds can create immense power, if they are used just right.

Our everyday goal at KEIKO is, to capture this power and use it to your advantage and achieve growth in the process!

dynamic - modern - appealing - eye catching

I’m Julius,
founder, leader and thinker of Keiko Media.
I am extremely passionate about music, design, movies, languages, sports, arts and I am very interested in the kind of feelings and emotions those things can create.

For me, that is what marketing is all about. Sparking emotions, that lead people to actions.
Through visually and aurally compelling communication.

My intuition for layouts and rhythm, finesse for attractive designs and appealing content, helped me to develop valuable skills in marketing.
My goal is to use those skills to help people, to ralize projects and to inspire growth in companies.

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Teamwork makes the dream work!

Different challanges require different heroes!

Depending on the project, we activate our trusted collaborators.